Things I hate about Facebook !


Disclaimer : I’m an active member of Facebook, and log in nearly EVERYDAY. I do enjoy the awesome news feed and links and articles by some of the great pages. But, as they say, nothing is perfect, and Facebook certainly isn’t; so I’d like to point out some aspects of it which I don’t enjoy, but  at the same time expressing my gratitude to Mark Zuckerberg for creating such an amazing social networking site and a pastime for people like me. 🙂

1) To begin with, the one thing which’s extremely annoying, to me at least, is that everyone keeps asking, “What are you doing these days?” “Nothing much, currently roaming around New Orleans, going to the see the Eiffel Tower tomorrow, and after that, will probably go to Vegas for some dirty adventure!”

There are people who ping you, and it seemingly doesn’t occur to them that they have nothing to talk about. So, they’ll just try to cover their awkwardness by asking the said question. But dude, you asked me the same question just day before yesterday! If I went to college that day, I’d have done the same today as well; and will do so till I get done with my course! D-uh! Besides, as I’ve been reported by friends and family, this question particularly sucks when you’re stuck in a rut or going through a mess; like being jobless or not liking your job and where you are in life today.

2) The second thing, which I think would be affecting most people, is when you watch pictures of your friends scuba diving and sky diving, partying, visiting amazing places, or even getting married. This especially makes one feel dissatisfied with life. I, personally, feel something dying inside of me when I see those engagement/marriage/honeymoon pictures, because I don’t even have a goddamn boyfriend ! Not that I want one, haha, I love being single, but still. Even a renowned Indian former actress and socialite also posted the same thing as one of her Facebook statuses.

3) Also, recently, this new” trend” has emerged of posting each and every activity you do, and tag your friends on them. Honestly, it’s lame and stupid. Why show off to others that you went to some expensive hotel or pub, and had an awesome night with your bf/gf ? What is the need to do it ? So your friends ” ooh” and ” aah” over your fancy lifestyle ? Or posting lame stuff like “Having dinner with so and so” or ” Watching X movie with Y friend.” Nobody cares what you had in dinner or which movie you saw first day, first show. We have our own shit to deal with; we can’t spare time to watch you have a gala time. Such people really need to get over themselves, seriously.

4) Facebook is actually a place where you can and should be allowed to speak your mind, but that doesn’t happen usually. You have to be careful about posting statuses, because what you consider expression can be taken in the wrong way, and, as we all know, people are too quick to judge. Even our own friends. So, you can’t really share “What’s on your mind” with them. I’m not talking about causing a sensation or creating drama with your on and off relationship statuses, or venting about how you got dumped or were treated unfairly at school/college/work, or taking it a bit too far while criticizing your government and political leaders, but we all need a platform to express ourselves, be it politics, fashion or our personal lives, don’t we? Speaking for myself, I’d like to voice my opinions on issues I care about without having to upset anyone or worrying about stupid people jumping down my throat over stuff they are too dumb to understand themselves.

5) Some people consider it a dating site. Unknown boys and girls send you requests all the time. I have even got requests by two lesbian girls; no offense to the lesbian community. I even got stalked a couple of times, and received a filthy hate message from a guy from my neighborhood who I didn’t add; and who later took revenge on me by spreading false rumors about me about my alleged relationship with some ugly guy I didn’t even know. So, I guess you got the general idea.

6) It also gives away most of your privacy. It’s not much of a drawback, still, I think by your pictures, or the number of times you log in, the amount of likes you get etcetera give a general idea to people about the kind of life you lead. For eg; it’s a general notion that someone who has a few likes on his/her pictures have fewer friends, which has also turned out to be true. Besides, I know it for a fact that people who change their profile pictures and covers twice a day do not have much of a social life, because I’ve been there and done that, yes, I have. Guilty as charged.

7) The advertisements and suggested pages. Frankly, I’m not really bugged by them, but apparently, others are. So, that makes up for another feature which displeases the users of Facebook.

8) Last, but not the least, those infuriating and irritating and exasperating (okay, too many adjectives; but I’m really trying to convey my frustration here) Candy Crush and Farmville and Pet Rescue Saga and whatever requests. You need a certain kind of shamelessness to be able to send these requests to people in your friend list who you’ve not spoken to for ages, and that too regularly. There were a few people who used to bombard me with these requests; and I, out of sheer politeness, didn’t say anything to them, thinking they will stop at some point of time. But man, some people really have way too much time and way less manners.

I really feel that not just Facebook, but social networking sites in general (See, I don’t discriminate) are taking away from our lives in ways we cannot fathom and are affecting us without us realizing it in the slightest. I don’t mean to sound like a hypocrite, as I too use and enjoy them; but well, it has occurred to me that watching kids play or watering your plants or even just sitting out on a bench all by yourself are much more satisfying and rewarding activities than watching pictures of friends who are no longer close to you, or chatting with people you don’t even care about in the least.

Someone wise once said, “Turn off the computer and go outside.” I’m guessing it was a parent. Hope you get the irony. 🙂



Carpe Diem !

Carpe Diem…  I came across this phrase in a book which belongs to Latin language, and means “Seize the day!” Later on, while pondering over several issues (as I always do at night), my mind tumbled across this phrase again, and I suddenly realized how “Carpe Diem” can play such a major role in our lives. Now you guys must be wondering whether I am out of my senses… And the answer is NO!

Each one of us has some goals which we really want to accomplish from our heart and soul, and it might be related to any aspect of our lives: be it work, study, home, society etc. It can start from asking for more allowance from our parents, proposing a cute girl/boy in our math class, quit smoking, saving money for that big bash at the end of the month and the likes.

Do you get me now? If no, here’s the answer: We could achieve everything in life, if we just learnt to “Seize the day!” We should make the most of our day and go get whatever it is we desire, without worrying about the consequences… Even if we fail, we can at least have the satisfaction of utilizing our chances… So what if things don’t turn out to be in our favor ? Since when has life been fair and given us all we wanted?


So, the next time when you set out to achieve your goals, just remember this:”I know that my finest hours here on Earth lie on the other side of the challenge where victory awaits patiently because I am always willing to try one more time.”

And now , I would like to conclude in the words of  Winston Churchill , “Never give in , never give in , never , never , never , never , in nothing, great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.”

Romance Fiction: A Perfect Treat for Women

Romance novels are immensely popular among women these days. Most women from all ages and walks of society, from young girls to housewives to old women, are fond of romance fiction. Why, what’s better than an interesting set of characters, a good plot, and an occasional steamy love scene with a cup of coffee in hand?

Now, the question arises as to why women love romance fiction? Is it because they’ve got nothing better to do or is it an alternative to their cable TV’s? Why does Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, Noah from The Notebook and Oliver from Love story make them go weak in the knees and desire a similar male?

P-S-I-LOVE-YOU-cecelia-ahern-7139577-767-1164      KLM M&BModern cover      A Walk To Remember

The answer to this question lies with the feminine psyche. Deep down, every woman wants to be loved and protected by a strong man. They long for that one real relationship which completes their life. But in this era where make-ups and break-ups happen frequently, or I’d rather put it as “regularly,” and husbands cannot spare time for their wives due to career and familial obligations, romance novels are the last resort for women.

Romance novels transport women to a magical world where love and passion abound, the characters play out the dreams and fantasies resonated with their very own, giving them the delight and satisfaction which might be missing from their lives. The reader vicariously lives through the character, falls in love with the hero, explores exotic locations and ultimately achieves that “Happily-Ever-After” goal. A roller-coaster ride of thrill, rush and adventure for just a small sum of money… Not bad, eh?

So, all you lovely ladies out there who are waiting to be swept off their feet, do explore the work of Harlequin, Jane Austen, Erich Segal, Johanna Lindsay, Nicholas Sparks, Danielle Steele and the likes. For those who prefer Indian Fiction should go for Durjoy Datta, Nikita Singh, Preeti Shenoy and Ravinder Singh.