Music Love.

Oh, Music. What would I do without you !

When, and if, you see me dancing away to my favourite music, you’ll be reminded of Bridget Jones dancing to “All by Myself” in the movie, “Bridget Jones’s Diary.” But, that’s what music does to me. No company, of any man or woman, can compare to the pleasure of listening to real good ol’ music. Music is better than wine, if you think about it, because it will leave you intoxicated not just for a short while, but for ages to come.  And THAT, I believe, is the power of music, peeps.

So, today, I’d like to list six songs that mean everything to me, in order of preference.

1) Lost StarsAdam Levine

This song is sung by the extremely hot and the recently married *sob sob* Adam Levine is pure musical orgasm, at least to me. It won’t come across as something too distinctive to others, but this song is more than just a song, it’s deep, esoteric and philosophical. Being a literature post-graduate, I’m always fascinated with words, and the lyrics of this song totally got me, along with the background guitar score. Also, there is another version of the same song by the actress Keira Knightley, which is so good that you’ll have a hard time deciding if she’s a better actress or a singer.  I know I’m a proud fan.

This track also featured in the movie “Begin Again” released earlier this year.

2) Give Me Love – Ed Sheeran

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my love for this wonderful, wonderful man called Ed Sheeran. This young musical prodigy has won millions of hearts worldwide owing to his raw talent, and needless to say, is really a true artist. I love all of his songs, but heard this particular one earlier last year for the first time, and it sent chills down my body. Since that day, I have loved him from all my heart. Okay, that was a little exaggerated.

3) Skyscraper – Demi Lovato

This chick, Demi Lovato is one of the coolest singers pop singers of our time. She’s bold, outspoken and outrageously beautiful. She totally rocks the tattoos and her ever-changing coloured hair, and if anyone has managed to nail the rock-star look, I’d have to say it is Demetria Lovato, hands down. This song, Skyscraper is one which pumps me up when I feel low, depressed or defeated. Just purr-fect on a bad day.

4) Blue Jeans – Lana Del Rey

Now, what can I say about this enchantingly mystifying woman. She mirrors me with all her melancholy and thoughts of eternal, undying love. I  resonate with her because she too is a lovely goth like me, whatever that means. The lyrics, of this song as well, are simply out of this world. When I listen to it, I can actually picturise a tall, handsome man walking towards me, wearing a blue jeans and a white shirt; an exotic fusion of Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice and Rhett Butler of Gone With The Wind. It was actually difficult for me to pick between Summertime Sadness and Blue Jeans, but I finally chose the said song.

5) Tennis Court – Lorde

I love this girl for more reasons than just her music.  Firstly, like Taylor Swift said, she looks 300 years old, even though she’s 18 and probably knows all the secret of the universe. Secondly, she is extraordinarily talented, the intelligent and penetrating lyrics of her songs  definitely prove that she’s wiser than her age. Lastly, she dances horribly, but still manages to look totally cute and adorable. If you loved Royals, you’ll be head over heels in love with this one, because it’s far  more cool and delightful than the former.

6) Say Something – Christina Aguilera

Honestly, I haven’t heard very many songs by Christina and ain’t a huge fan either, but this song really touches my heart. It’s slow and melodious, with a little tinge of the pain which renders this song a sad, yet strangely serene quality. The piano background is also an absolute delight. This song is not one to miss, for sure.

As long as great artists keep making great music, I won’t be having any reasons to complain. 🙂



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