A Letter to the Stranger who texts Random Girls for “Fun”


I’m inspired to write this letter due to certain incidents that happened to me this past week, which have also happened to me before. One common problem faced by girls of this century, apart from pms-ing, would be, I guess, getting creeped out, stalked, bullied and harassed by the men of this generation. Those jobless and uncivilized morons, who stare, gawk and cat-call girls, and when they are out, chilling somewhere alone or with their friends, use the most important weapon given to us by technology; i.e, mobile phones, to text, sext and what not to contact numbers of random chicks, which they’ve either managed to secure from the phones of their friends, or have just been handed by their guy friends to trouble girls. To such guys, I’d like to pen an open letter.    

Dear Mister Anon,

When your number first flashed across my screen, I was full of anticipation as to who this person might be. But, after figuring out that you are someone I don’t know at all, I kept my phone aside and proceeded with the work I was engaged into prior to your call. Just after 5 minutes, I receive a text message. I open it and see the words, “Hi dear/ sweetheart/babe.. How are you/ would you like to be friends with me/ remember me etc etc. The list is endless, as are the pick-up lines used by these morons. On seeing this, I grumble with irritation because : 1. You are an unknown person who has disturbed me twice 2. You called me dear/sweetheart/babe/ which you had no right to, and 3. Your pick up line is lame beyond measure and also, I hate “fraandshipers.” So, I delete your number this time for good, and again continue with my work.

But then, it becomes too much for me to handle, as you are flooding my inbox with various stupid messages, calling and pinging me on my social app multiple times. Blocking you doesn’t help too as you are again calling me with a new number. In the midst of my work, you are creating a terrible mess and I hate you for this. But then, I also feel sorry for you as you, unlike me, have nothing to do, and have made a pastime out of this because you are an under-achiever and an unaccomplished man. You have no goals, passions or the drive to undertake some worthwhile project because deep down you know, that you don’t have it in you to pursue and achieve bigger things in life. Therefore, you are just whiling away your time in senseless pursuits, trying to distract yourself from the fact that some of your friends already have or are in the process of making a name for themselves and proving their mettle, whereas you, as I mentioned earlier, are capable of NOTHING. But hear, hear my unknown friend. Just because you aren’t chasing your dreams doesn’t mean no one else is. We girls have better things to do than chat up strangers, and you know that. Still, you do it as you feel it’s “fun.” But, you can’t be more mistaken.

Your calling/texting has no major effect whatsoever on us. We just ponder over you for maybe a minute or two and then send your calls and texts to trash, and that’s about it. Deleted, both from our phones as well as our minds. You, on the other hand, have made a big fool of yourself. Now, we know for sure that you’re a loser, who has no social life, let alone a girlfriend, who’s probably a side-kick and wants to fit in with cool people and invent awesome stories on how he chatted up hot chicks and took them out for coffee, if you know what I mean. But let’s get this straight: You are fooling no one but yourself. Not the girls that you ping, not the guys you tell your “big” stories to. Your friends probably might find you too-cool-for-school, but be very sure that you are a coward, and that what you  are doing is highly annoying, and even, disgusting, depending on how far you are taking it.

Having said that, you also need to “Grow Up” and get your shit together and focus on better things in life. I’m saying it as you are neither our enemy nor do we “hate” you, as hate is too strong a word to be used for anyone and everyone. But, we do pity you, and hope that you can be a better guy than what you are, in turn allowing us to live in peace.

With Concern,

Girls around the Globe

P.S – All those men who text girls they don’t know, stalk them with anonymous profiles,  distribute their numbers to their friends or send them obscene pictures on social media, should attempt to understand as to what really I’m trying to convey here, instead of getting  angry or offended. As Lana Turner once said, “A gentleman is simply a patient wolf.” Deep down, you all know you too are guilty of this behaviour. So, I’d be glad if you learnt something from this letter instead of getting the wrong idea. 🙂





2 thoughts on “A Letter to the Stranger who texts Random Girls for “Fun”

  1. Mudassir Ansari says:

    “A gentleman is simply a patient wolf.” A sweeping remark like this is a bit too extreme by any standard. Apart from that it was beautifully written,a must read for many out there.

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