Carpe Diem !

Carpe Diem…  I came across this phrase in a book which belongs to Latin language, and means “Seize the day!” Later on, while pondering over several issues (as I always do at night), my mind tumbled across this phrase again, and I suddenly realized how “Carpe Diem” can play such a major role in our lives. Now you guys must be wondering whether I am out of my senses… And the answer is NO!

Each one of us has some goals which we really want to accomplish from our heart and soul, and it might be related to any aspect of our lives: be it work, study, home, society etc. It can start from asking for more allowance from our parents, proposing a cute girl/boy in our math class, quit smoking, saving money for that big bash at the end of the month and the likes.

Do you get me now? If no, here’s the answer: We could achieve everything in life, if we just learnt to “Seize the day!” We should make the most of our day and go get whatever it is we desire, without worrying about the consequences… Even if we fail, we can at least have the satisfaction of utilizing our chances… So what if things don’t turn out to be in our favor ? Since when has life been fair and given us all we wanted?


So, the next time when you set out to achieve your goals, just remember this:”I know that my finest hours here on Earth lie on the other side of the challenge where victory awaits patiently because I am always willing to try one more time.”

And now , I would like to conclude in the words of  Winston Churchill , “Never give in , never give in , never , never , never , never , in nothing, great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.”


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